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One important part of my practice is previewing/pre-/re-teaching content for my students.  This has become increasingly more important as I've transitioned over to the Common Core standards, as the level of rigor and depth of knowledge required in my lessons has increased tremendously (my state's previous standards were not that rigorous).  

I create a calendar for myself to map out any key skills that my students will need previous to my lessons.  These are skills that the Common Core standards assume students have learned in previous years.  For students who attended our school in 5th grade, a review of some key skills may be needed as a refresher.  I do have about 20% of my students this year who did not attend our school for 5th grade.  Their experiences in 5th grade vary wildly, and I often need to teach foundational skills to them that they should have learned in previous school years.

For this lesson, I need students to feel comfortable with perimeter and area.  Seven instructional days before I teach this lesson, I use 10 minutes of instructional time for a mini-lesson on perimeter.  The following day, I devote 10 minutes to area.  I give students perimeter and area problems on their homework throughout the week.  If I need to spend more time with the concept before my 6th grade lesson, I have the time - this is why I don't wait until a day or two before the lesson to review.

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Shapes on the Coordinate Grid

Unit 4: Coordinate Plane
Lesson 6 of 6

Objective: SWBAT solve problems involving points, lines and polygons on the coordinate plane

Big Idea: A polygon is made up of line segments that connect the shape’s vertices. The vertices can be identified as unique points on a grid.

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Math, coordinate systems (Spatial Relationships), Geometry, coordinate plane, coordinates, distance, absolute value, ordered pairs
  54 minutes
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