Reflection: Lesson Planning Posing Solutions To A Problem - Section 4: One or Two Solutions


Ok so two solutions sounded like a good idea, but when the students began to share their reasoning for which solutions we should do, it was clear that there were 3 popular solutions. So I could have continued the discussion and narrowed it down to just two, but I chose to accept 3 solutions. We had a group very invested in writing a book, one that wanted to make posters and one that wanted to make videos. The video group was rather large and so it was decided that 2 groups could work on videos and we would produce 2 different ones.

Teaching is about flexibility. I had to be flexible in my thinking. Even though part of me said that managing 3 different projects might be a big task, the other part of me said that the students had worked hard to come up with solutions that they could handle and I wanted to support their ideas.

We went with 3 solutions instead of 2.

  More Than 2 Solutions
  Lesson Planning: More Than 2 Solutions
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Posing Solutions To A Problem

Unit 2: Engineers are Scientists Too
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT pose a solution to a real problem

Big Idea: What good is a problem without a solution?

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Science, engaging in meaningful discussion
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