Reflection: Real World Applications Posing Solutions To A Problem - Section 2: Individual Solutions


In this step it was important to ask students to think about what they could really do. I want students to see that they can help change the world, even if it is in one very small way. I know that imagination is important, but sometimes I want students to think in realistic terms. (We do an imagination solution in a later lesson, but I am looking for a real world solution in this lesson.)

I was impressed by how down to earth the kids were in their solutions. They suggested posters, videos and a book. Some of the students suggested making 1,000 posters, but the poster idea was really possible. In the next step of the lesson as the students decided on which final 3 they would really try to do we talked about how we might not be able to make 1,000 posters or show our video to the whole world, but that we could show it to our parents on our website and we could maybe make 3 or 4 posters to put up. This helped students decide on the final products they would get involved with.

  Posing a Real Solution
  Real World Applications: Posing a Real Solution
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Posing Solutions To A Problem

Unit 2: Engineers are Scientists Too
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: SWBAT pose a solution to a real problem

Big Idea: What good is a problem without a solution?

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