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In the execution of this lesson, I was faced with an unexpected interruption - about 1/3 of my students needed to leave partway through the lesson for a field trip. In response, I allowed a few more minutes of practice and a few more minutes during the one-question quiz, reserving the "mini-lecture" for another day. This segment of the lesson will be repeated in the next lecture though it could be delivered as set forth here if the class time were un-interrupted.

  Teacher Improvisation - responding to the unexpected
  Lesson Planning: Teacher Improvisation - responding to the unexpected
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Redefining Work - An Introduction

Unit 2: Electrostatics
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: Students will expand their definition of work to recognize it as a natural consequence of the conservation of energy.

Big Idea: When an object's energy changes due to an external agent, that agent has "done work."

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