Reflection: Checks for Understanding Changing Matter: Plaid Pete Gets Physical - And Chemical! - Section 6: Reflection & Closure


In order for students to develop compelling, evidence based arguments - their knowledge of content must have a solid foundation.  Asking students to construct simple claims and evidence T tables is a way to use formative assessment to ensure they have the content understanding to give them a solid foundation.  

Asking students to construct a claims and evidence statement can reveal student understandings, and student misconceptions.  Moving forward, misconceptions can be addressed so that they do not interfere with new learning.  This Student Notebook Screencast gives one example of a notebook response that needs to be addressed.

Students need to know that they must provide strong evidence for their claims.  Although I start students out making simple claims, I hold them accountable for supporting those claims.  As the year progresses, they will be capable of more sophisticated work.

  Checks for Understanding: Assisting Students in Developing Evidence Based Arguments
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Changing Matter: Plaid Pete Gets Physical - And Chemical!

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
Lesson 18 of 22

Objective: SWBAT identify physical and chemical changes in matter.

Big Idea: How does matter change? How are new substances created? Students get to meet Plaid Pete and Seth's Science Teacher , Mrs. Glaze, as she schools them on physical and chemical changes in matter.

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