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Many of my students can be reluctant writers, drawers, and speakers.  Limited exposure makes them say, "I don't know how to draw or I don't know how to write."  The fear of sharing with others can be a major problem.  This is true even in a class with kind-hearted students.  Nevertheless, I work extra hard at helping my students become confident in their ability to produce products such as drawing a Rollie Poly.


Building their confidence improves with creating a classroom culture where students feel safe to share and student encourage one another in their endeavors.  At this point in the school year, my students are just beginning to overcome these feelings of inadequacies.  


I realized after the fact, that I could have help my students overcome their apprehension of sharing by creating a Rollie-poly that required assembly.  Putting this little creature together would have helped the students see how he was created thus making drawing him simpler.  So my improvement of this lesson, Sharing My Findings, is very simple.  In fact, I know that the areas that appear to be deficiencies in my students now will bring the most joy at end of kindergarten.

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Sharing My Findings

Unit 1: What is science?
Lesson 5 of 8

Objective: Students will learn to share scientific information like a scientist through: oral presentations, charts, pictograph or bar graphs, labeled diagrams, drawings, or age-appropriate writing.

Big Idea: Scientists share their ideas and discoveries with others.

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