Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Solving Systems of Equations - Section 4: Closure


As students worked on the closure question, I was able analyze students depth of understanding.  Most students set the 2 equations equal and then found  0=2 which means that there is no solution. I had some students see that the second equation is just a vertical shift of 2 which would cause no solution. When questioned I was told that no matter what x-value you used the second equation will have a y-value that is always 2 more than the first equation so the 2 equations do not have an intersection point.

I like seeing how the students have different ways of thinking about a problem. Sharing students reasoning is also a good way for students to see how you can approach problems in different ways.

  Diverse Entry Points: Explanation for no solution
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Solving Systems of Equations

Unit 4: Matrices
Lesson 7 of 10

Objective: SWBAT use systems of equations to solve problems

Big Idea: Solving system of equations is used in calculus when find area between curves.

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