Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Building and Testing Our Vanilla Plant Pollinator - Section 5: Testing Our Designs


When testing the pollinators,the children had a very difficult time remembering to only tap the pollinator 3 times.  I thought I had stressed it enough, but apparently I needed to do more.  Some kids just couldn't stop at 3 even though they knew they should have.  Next time I will be more precise about how they have to stand so we can see what they are doing and then they have to tap their pollinators as the class counts 1-2-3 aloud.  They will only be able to tap their pollinators when we say the numbers.  After all, consistency is important!

  Third Time is a Charm!
  Adjustments to Practice: Third Time is a Charm!
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Building and Testing Our Vanilla Plant Pollinator

Unit 3: Pollination and Seed Dispersal
Lesson 11 of 12

Objective: The SWBAT use the engineering design process to develop their ideas and bring their ideas to life. They will also test their ideas to see if their design was effective.

Big Idea: Our student engineers build their own plant pollinator design. Then they test it to determine its effectiveness. Life can be pretty sweet!

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