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Measurement is a difficult concept for many students, particularly because in our country they have to learn two systems - both the metric system and the customary system.  Measurement concepts are also a developmental process, so there are wide variations in readiness at the elementary level.  However, regardless of the age of the learner, or the system used, if students do not have real world, practical opportunities to practice measurement skills in context, they will have difficulty acquiring the skills to be successful in either Science or Mathematics.  The highly engaging format of a Science investigation is a great place for students to practice these very necessary skills for success in school, and in life.  I try to incorporate measurement tasks as often as possible.  However, it isn't enough just to include them in a lesson plan.  I know that I also need to move among my students, ensuring that they can use measurement tools, record measurements, and interpret them as well.  

In this Video Clip, one of my most capable students still needs assistance to use accurate measurement skills.  Like many students, he needs "coaching" to refine his practice.

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a terrific resource for additional research on this topic.

  Real World Applications: Measurement - Preconceptions & Practice
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Changing Matter: Plaid Pete Knows Conservation!

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT describe and provide evidence for The Law of Conservation of Matter.

Big Idea: What happens when matter changes state? Do particles disappear? Students measure and graph materials, before and after changes of state, to provide evidence for conservation of matter.

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