Reflection: Modeling Pushing and Pulling On The Playground - Section 3: Explore


As I was circulating amongst the students, I noticed some of them had a great approach with their labeling and explanation of who force was being used and what type of force it was.  I decided to call all of the class back together (quickly) in order to explain some of what I was observing.  I felt this would help the students who were not being clear/organized with their observations.

I also decided to do this lesson over a two day period.  The students really got into the playground observations and I decided to not cut it short for the sake of time.  I felt the extra time to observe would only enhance their discussions that were expected in the latter parts of the lesson.  

  Modeling: Helping Organize for Clarity
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Pushing and Pulling On The Playground

Unit 2: Force and Motion
Lesson 3 of 15

Objective: SWBAT apply their knowledge of motion and force by using "pushes" and "pulls" to cause motion to an object on the playground.

Big Idea: Today your students will take science to the playground. They will be asked to engage in several playground activities and decide what force is needed to participate in each of them.

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Science, 1st Grade, force and motion, Push and Pull, outdoor science, S1
  57 minutes
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