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Having the students work together in this text feature hunt really worked well in my classroom!  By pairing students up, the students are provided with a level of support that helps them be successful when just getting started on a new skill, in this case,  identifying and considering the function of text features.  As the saying goes, "Two heads are better than one!", and in this case, that's really true!  When students are just testing the waters and getting started with their learning, I like to give them the support of a partner to work with, so they can share ideas, help each other think through, and feel more comfort in taking risks!  This pairing strategy worked well during this lesson, and is definitely a strategy I'll continue to employ with my students in the future!

  Reflection: Partner Perfect!
  Lesson Planning: Reflection: Partner Perfect!
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Ahoy! Text Features Straight Ahead!

Unit 1: Oceans Unit
Lesson 1 of 10

Objective: SWBAT identify text features within a text; state why readers need to utilize text features when reading informational texts.

Big Idea: Students will be introduced to text features within informational text and will get to go on a text feature scavenger hunt.

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English / Language Arts, Poetry, Grade, text features, informational text, Oceans, point of view
  30 minutes
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