Reflection: Perseverance Engineering Challenge - Watercraft - Section 3: Students in Action


Some student groups struggled to design a successful watercraft. I encouraged these groups to take a "field trip" in the classroom to consult with other engineering groups to see what they had designed. I like this approach as it was a gently nudge indicating they were expected to keep on working towards success. It provides an opportunity for students to physically move and reinforced the desired attitude of persevering in the face of problem solving.

I also wanted to create a culture where students understand that in engineering there is more than one correct answer, everyone will fail at least once, and I may not have the best answer - there are other experts in the class who can be consulted.

  Struggling Student Groups
  Perseverance: Struggling Student Groups
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Engineering Challenge - Watercraft

Unit 9: Engineering
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Objective: SWBAT design a watercraft applying the engineering design process, identifying the constraints and criteria for success.

Big Idea: Engineering is not a one and done activity. Students are challenged to apply the engineering design process as they continue to work toward success.

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