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I just wanted to reflect briefly on my philosophy about timing and the struggles I often have with making sure that things get finished when I plan for them to be finished. My philosophy on this? It's not a big deal...and here's why.

Most of the days that I take too long on an activity has nothing to do with me taking too long--it has everything to do with my students needing more time to read something or having really great comments to add to our discussion or (in the case of this lesson) to the lecture notes I was giving. If students are engaged, things will take more time than you plan for them to take. I would much rather have this problem than the opposite problem where nothing takes as long as it should because no one is tracking with me or participating in what is happening in class.

I don't love that I had to extend a lecture (of all things!) to a second day, but I think the students really absorbed the ideas we were going over and I hope that will yield better results when we actually dive into difficult texts later this week.

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  Lesson Planning: Finishing An Activity The Next Day
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Levels of Thinking: Little Red Riding Hood Analysis

Unit 4: Literary: Analysis of Thematic Connections and Artistic Choices in Paradise Lost
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT support inferential analyses of text and demonstrate understanding of figurative language by brainstorming and identifying archetypes of western literature.

Big Idea: Little Red Riding Hood: A moral tale about obeying your parents...or something more? Let's see what the archetypes reveal!

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little red riding hood by darley
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