Reflection: Trust and Respect Silent Debate: Bioethics for the Biotechnologist (Part I) - Section 6: Evaluate


Use of a Graffiti Wall 

At times my students have been visibly shaken and disturbed by the knowledge gained during this lesson. Thus, providing a safe space for students to vent, share their unabridged fears, and unedited reactions in regards to HIV and AIDS is necessary. This is especially responsive given the current number of HIV infections reported each day in our nations capital where my students and I reside.

Sample Inquiry: What are some of the theories that have been proposed to explain why Washington D.C. is a hotspot for HIV in the United States?

I ask my students how they viewed this serious public health threat before and after our lesson. Then, using a large piece of black butcher paper and gold and/or silver metallic Sharpies brand permanent markers, students are able to record their thoughts anonymously in the creation of a graffiti wall.

  Creating a Safe Place for Courageous Conversations
  Trust and Respect: Creating a Safe Place for Courageous Conversations
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Silent Debate: Bioethics for the Biotechnologist (Part I)

Unit 1: Introduction to the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 4 of 11

Objective: Students will be able to communicate ideas, methods, and processes critical to the biotechnology workplace using appropriate written language and terminology in order to respond to a biomedical dilemma, engage in scientific debate and compose a evidence-based reflection.

Big Idea: The intersection between personal values and the goals of individual members of the biotechnology industry can be difficult to navigate.

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