Reflection: Perseverance Deliberate Documentation....To Detail or Not to Detail - Section 1: Introduction


As a member of the biotechnology industry I have been able to experience the critical need for exceptional written procedures for all laboratory procedures. Standard Operating Procedures, or SOP's, are written procedures that most industries utilize to ensure uniform results of even the simplest of tasks. SOP's, when written and implemented properly create a documented procedure that takes the speculation and uncertainty out of completing a method, routine or process and introduces the consistency and accuracy required in the biotechnology industry.

This lesson is a wonderful opportunity to build on the practices students may have learned in their core science classes in regards to recording what they observe during laboratory investigations and communicating their findings. Although, the composition of an SOP IS a difficult task initially and you may find that students may get frustrated and not quite know where to begin. This is to be expected and will decrease as students gain greater exposure, practice and confidence!

  Practice Makes Permanent
  Perseverance: Practice Makes Permanent
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Deliberate Documentation....To Detail or Not to Detail

Unit 1: Introduction to the Biotechnology Workplace
Lesson 6 of 11

Objective: In this interactive, digital, virtual lab training experience students will practice using three common biotechnology industry workplace documents to deliberately document our lab investigations.

Big Idea: Failure to properly document your work in a biotechnology lab can ruin any thriving academic lab or commercial biotechnology facility.

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