Reflection: Organizational Systems Part to Part Ratios Using Tape Diagrams and Tables - Section 5: Closing and Exit Ticket


When a student returns from an absence, she knows exactly how and where to find the work that was missed.  I hold students responsible for the work that was missed, and use an organization system to help students get what they need.  

After each lesson, I place my copy into that day's colorful pocket.  I also place a blank copy for each absent student in the pocket.  When a student returns, (s)he takes the blank packet and my notes (and returns my notes to the pocket when (s)he's done copying it).

Keeping my copy of each day's packet also helps to keep me organized when a student requests a second copy of homework (I allow students to make up assignments until firm grading deadlines - progress reports and report cards).  When a student needs a new copy, my master is already printed for me to grab and run it to the copy machine.  

  Organizational Systems: Organization for Absent Students
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Part to Part Ratios Using Tape Diagrams and Tables

Unit 5: Rates and Ratios
Lesson 2 of 13

Objective: SWBAT represent a ratio using a tape diagram and a ratio table to determine the value of a part given the value of the other part

Big Idea: There are multiple ways to represent proportional relationships and reason about solutions to problems.

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