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To gauge students' understanding for a certain topic, it helps to see what they already know by giving them an easy access point to the lesson or content. In this case, the image was familiar enough for the students to be able to answer questions and predictions about mass, volume and crowdedness. 

Sample A is a student who was able to explain in detail his responses, supporting his answers with reasoning. This is what I push all students to achieve.

Sample B shows a student who has an idea about the image, but doesn't fully explain why he thinks this way.  Student B would require some additional questioning or prompting to understand why he chose those specific responses. 

  Pre-Tests: Sample Student Responses
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Measuring Density of Solids

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT understand what density is and how to calculate density using the formula (density=mass/volume).

Big Idea: This is the sixth lesson in the metric lessons. This gives students a chance to learn and practice using the tools used for measuring in science class.

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