Reflection: Exit Tickets Measuring Volume of Irregular Objects - Section 5: Evaluate


The two attached samples provide insight into the possible responses for students for the final question "Why does measuring the volume of an irregular object work using a graduated cylinder and water?"

Sample A demonstrates a strong understanding of the concept as they reference the process of the water being displaced and the amount of water being the volume.

Sample B demonstrates an understanding of the process, but lacks insight into the reasoning behind calculating the volume.  This student may need an additional prompt "what does the amount of water being moved by the marble equal?"

  Exit Tickets: Sample Student Responses
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Measuring Volume of Irregular Objects

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
Lesson 10 of 13

Objective: SWBAT measure the volume of objects not able to be measured with a ruler, using the water displacement method and a graduated cylinder.

Big Idea: This is the fifth lesson in the metric lessons. This gives students a chance to learn and practice using the tools used for measuring in science class.

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