Reflection: Students with Disabilities Measuring Volume of Liquids - Section 5: Evaluate


In the work samples attached, it becomes apparent what students think is an acceptable response.  Some students, sample B require additional prompting, like "similarity" and "difference" which helps them to remember they are writing about both in order to answer the question.  The student in sample A, was not able to clearly demonstrate his understanding of the question.  While I can make sense of the tools he listed in "difference," he doesn't make it clear which tool is used for which.  After this work was submitted, I would suggest additional conversation with sample A student in order for him to clarify his response.  

  Students with Disabilities: Sample Student Reflections
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Measuring Volume of Liquids

Unit 4: Scientific Protocol
Lesson 9 of 13

Objective: SWBAT measure the volume of liquids using a graduated cylinder and will create their own definition of volume.

Big Idea: This is the fourth lesson in the metric lessons. This gives students a chance to learn and practice using the tools used for measuring in science class.

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