Reflection: Writing Across the Disciplines Forming an Argument - Section 3: Soaring to New Heights (Exploration)


If this was spring, and I had already taught my spring ELA unit that is heavy on opinion writing, I have no doubt that my students could produce openings, closings, and multiple reasons.  However, it is late October and this is the first time I have introduced opinion writing.  I also have a high number of beginning writers this year who need one-on-one support with verbalizing their answers or writing words and sentences.  For this reason, I chose the opinion template with just one reason.  I also provided the list of openings and gave a standard closing for everyone, "That is why ____ are special." 

  Choosing an opinion template
  Writing Across the Disciplines: Choosing an opinion template
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Forming an Argument

Unit 2: Birds of a Feather Flock Together
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Objective: SWBAT write an opinion describing a pattern of behavior that helps offspring survive.

Big Idea: First graders sure do have opinions, right? Today, they write their opinion about which bird has the most unique way it helps its offspring survive.

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robins feeding young
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