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Word choice is vital in explaining the concept of reaction rates.  For instance, I used the word speed in the flipped notes, so during the class discussion, I pointed out that in this instance I used the term speed to mean how quickly the reaction took place.  Some students also showed confusion with the terms dealing with increasing and decreasing the rate of reactions.  Some of the students incorrectly thought that decreasing the temperature would decrease the rate of the reaction causing it to happen more quickly instead of more slowly.  In these instances, it was helpful to discuss molecular motion at different temperatures -- a reminder that molecules move more quickly at higher temperatures and more slowly at lower temperatures. 

  Importance of Word Choice
  Coherence: Importance of Word Choice
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Reaction Rates - Flipped (Day 1)

Unit 2: Chemistry
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Objective: SWBAT identify various factors that can increase and decrease a reaction rate and then manipulate those factors in the lab.

Big Idea: In this lesson students will briefly review key information about reaction rates before designing their own experiments to complete a chemical reaction within a student specified amount of time.

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