Reflection: Accountability Polygons on the Coordinate Grid - Section 4: Independent Practice


One thing I've decided to work on with my students this year is sense of urgency.  I've seen some individuals be slow to start on work at times, in both partner and independent practice.

I've decided to make a part of my students' class work grade each day based on self-pacing and problem completion.  At the start of independent practice, I provide my students with a pacing guide on the board.  For example, in this lesson, students have 15 minutes of independent work time.  I let students know that after 2 minutes, I expect them to be on Problem 8.  At the 5 minute mark, they should be working on Problem 10.  By minute 10, they should be on the second page.  Etc.  As I circulate, if a child has met the pacing expectation, (s)he earns a point towards the classwork score.  If (s)he did not, there is no point earned (of course, if it is clear to me that a student is working hard on a problem, but has not yet reached the pacing point, I'll award the classwork point at my discretion).

I'll also make narrations and reminders during work time.  "It is now minute 5, and you should be on or close to Problem 10," or "Juan is working on Problem 8.  He's a bit ahead of the pacing plan and is really working with urgency."

  Accountability: Urgency
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Polygons on the Coordinate Grid

Unit 4: Coordinate Plane
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT draw polygons in the coordinate plane given the coordinates of the vertices and determine the length of a side joining points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate

Big Idea: A polygon is made up of line segments that connect the shape’s vertices. The vertices can be identified as unique points on a grid.

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