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I don't remember having mentioned this in any previous lesson but one strategy that I use when leading a class discussion is to call on students to answer as follows: 

1. Before I call on a student I state to the class that I don't want any show of hands for 10 seconds and to use this time to think carefully about the answer. (I may take more than 10 seconds to call on someone just to give everyone a chance)

2. When I do call on a student I walk, not towards, but away from the student to another point in the room so the responding student feels he/she has to speak loud enough for me to hear him/her. This of course permits others in the group to hear the speaker. 

3. I do not repeat what the student speaker says. Rather, I ask him/her to repeat if I find he/she wasn't loud enough. This creates the habit in students of listening to the speaker during time of discussion. 


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Time-Distance Graphs

Unit 7: Functions
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT interpret and graph functions relating time and distance traveled.

Big Idea: Each point or interval in a time-distance graph reveals a part of a story.

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Math, Graphing (Algebra), modeling, distance over time, time, function
  60 minutes
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