Reflection: Student Ownership The Tragedy of the Commons part 2: Regulated Fishing - Section 4: Simulation


This example of student work shows two important things.  


1. The students have established rules that ensure all species are safe from extinction, thus showing that they learned lessons from the first day of the simulation and are now planning for the long-term economic and environmental stability of their region.

2. The students have begun to think cooperatively as a group because they established the rule that if they are the winning group, they will share all the reward candy.



  Student Ownership: The Laws of the Land
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The Tragedy of the Commons part 2: Regulated Fishing

Unit 2: The Nature of Environmental Science
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Big Idea: In the second day of the Tragedy of the Commons lesson, students attempt to avoid environmental and economic collapse by regulating their fishing simulation with rules and "laws" generated by each group.

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