Reflection: Real World Applications Making Bread with Yeast! - Section 4: Reflect & Apply


The next day after this lesson, students excitedly come into the classroom, wondering if I made the bread!

To make handing the bread out easy, I simply make rolls out of the bread: Rolls in a Pan. The next morning, I bring in the Rolls, Butter, & Jelly for Students, as promised.

I set up a little station next to the microwave. After cutting the rolls, I place butter on the inside and heat them up in the microwave, three at a time. As students work in teams of three on an math assignment, I randomly pull sticks from a jar, and invite teams to come get their rolls! Students LOVE them! I hear comments, such as "I'm going to savor every last bite!" and "This is the best roll I've ever had!" 

Some might question... What does making bread have to do with ecosystems and science? I would argue that concepts are sometimes irrelevant to students, especially when they lack experiences with them. When students lack experiences, they also have a lower retention rate. Today, they might be able to explain that decomposers are organisms that break down organic matter. However, it might be difficult for students to recall this information several months or a year from now. By providing students with the opportunity to witness a decomposer feeding on sugar and forming carbon dioxide in an everyday scenario, students will now have a real world application that makes the role of decomposers more relevant!  


  Real World Applications: Making Science Relevant
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Making Bread with Yeast!

Unit 2: Ecosystems
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Objective: SWBAT explain how decomposers impact our everyday lives, beyond being a part of natural ecosystems.

Big Idea: In this lesson, students will research and investigate yeast. As a class, we will make bread and students will observe how the decomposition process aids the bread-rising process.

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Science, decomposer, global warming, abiotic factors, ecosystem, yeast, investigation, carbon dioxide, bread, decomposition, biotic
  70 minutes
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