Reflection: ELL Students Introduction to Matter: Plaid Pete & Seth Sort Out Their Homework - Section 3: Guided Exploration


The following components of the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) - (a method of making content area instruction comprehensible for English Language Learners), are particularly highlighted in this lesson:

Component 5:  Interaction

This lesson has been carefully planned to promote interaction between students.  Students have to share resources and work cooperatively to complete a task.  This task also requires substantial discussion in order to complete that task.  Students are provided with sentence stems to promote the use of academic language.

Component 6:  Practice & Application

In this lesson, students are provided with hands-on materials (sort cards) that contain both words and pictures.  They are provided with an initial opportunity to work with the materials.  Then, they are provided with instruction, and a second opportunity to revise their work.  In addition, the activities in this lesson integrate all language skills, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


Click on the link for a SIOP Checklist.

  Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol - SIOP Strategies
  ELL Students: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol - SIOP Strategies
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Introduction to Matter: Plaid Pete & Seth Sort Out Their Homework

Unit 1: What's The Matter Plaid Pete?
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Objective: SWBAT classify items from a list as matter or non-matter, and describe common properties of matter.

Big Idea: What is matter? Students help Plaid Pete and Seth with a homework assignment that has them sort items from a list into categories of matter and non-matter.

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Science, academic discussion, notetaking
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