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This is a beautiful book, and a terrific resource, but I found the text to be too long for the lesson. The next time I teach this lesson, I will not read the entire book. I would read the section only pertaining to the chrysalis.  I would explain to the students that I want to share a portion of a book with them that I think they might find very interesting.  Specifically the section that explains how butterflies are important to the ecosystem. 

  A Beautiful Book
  Rigor: A Beautiful Book
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Life Cycle of the Butterfly-Fourth Phase

Unit 2: Unit 2 - The World of Little Critters - Insects
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT to identify, name and label the parts of a butterfly.

Big Idea: Understanding the changes an animal goes through in its metamorphosis, can be confusing. Especially, when the changes happen quickly.

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