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There will be times when not all lessons will lend themselves to an inquiry lesson.  Enabling the teacher to build more background knowledge that will lead to further learning in subsequent lessons. This lesson really lends itself to just that.  It is based more on attempting to explain the importance of the chrysalis and the transformation the butterfly will go through.  

Having live specimens in the classroom for the students to observe and see in action are great and make the experience more real and exciting.  However, because it is not possible to sit and watch the entire process minute by minute; or to see what is happening within the chrysalis itself, this lesson becomes a vital part of the sequence of teaching

  Inquiry vs. Concept Building
  Relevance: Inquiry vs. Concept Building
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Life Cycle of a Butterfly - Third Phase

Unit 2: Unit 2 - The World of Little Critters - Insects
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Objective: SWBAT observe a chrysalis, diagram and label the parts.

Big Idea: All organisms in life go through transformations that change their life in drastic ways. This lesson will add a new stage to the understanding of the life of a butterfly.

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