Reflection: Intervention and Extension An Atwood's Machine Inquiry Lab - Section 3: Atwood's Machine Inquiry Lab


If students are familiar with friction, the lab can be extended with a secondary goal of determining the coefficient of friction between the axle and the wheel. I add this possible extension by writing it on the front board and offering extra credit to students if they attempt it.

This work sample is from a group who completed the extension. I hadn't covered friction yet, but I sometimes like to encourage my students to go out and seek answers on their own. In this case, the group used the internet to find information about the coefficient of friction and were quite successful in their solution. Not all students chose to do this, and in the future I might wait to do this lab until we've already covered friction. 

  Intervention and Extension: Coefficient of Friction
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An Atwood's Machine Inquiry Lab

Unit 3: Newton's Laws
Lesson 13 of 16

Objective: Students will explore the relationship between mass and acceleration of a pulley system.

Big Idea: Mass, acceleration, and friction are all part of our inquiry lab today!

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