Reflection: Developing a Conceptual Understanding What Is A Chemical Reaction? - Section 2: Pre-Lab


I deliberately chose distinct precipitate reactions for this activity.  I want students to begin with observing clearly identifiable reactions (and non-reactions).  Precipitate reactions, especially those with an accompanying color change, present clear evidence of a chemical reaction that students can easily identify.

I chose these particular reactants because I had a large quantity of each of them in stock (remaining from a scripted lab that we used to use in a since discontinued course). 

Putting the solutions in dropper bottles, if you have them available, makes the investigation go smoothly with no mess.  I keep these set ups stored in small food storage containers, ready to go every year.

  Easily Identifiable Reactions
  Developing a Conceptual Understanding: Easily Identifiable Reactions
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What Is A Chemical Reaction?

Unit 3: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
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Objective: SWBAT determine if a reaction has occurred when two substances are mixed and provide lab evidence for that determination.

Big Idea: When two substances are mixed, a chemical reaction may or may not occur; there are specific things that we can look for to determine if a reaction occurs or not.

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