Reflection: Advanced Students Dissolution of Ionic Compounds in Water - Section 4: Individual Drawing Activity


I budgeted 35 minutes for this activity, which inevitably leads to early finishers.  Students who did finish well before students were told to bring their finished product to me so that I could approve it and allow them to work on something else.  I am careful not to assign too many additional assignments to early finishers because that provides incentive NOT to finish work early.  For this lesson, I would have been happy to collect high quality specimens early and allow those students to read or complete other work.

What I found was that the early finishers did NOT have high quality work.  In fact, most of the "early" finishers had simply copied my diagram on the whiteboard.  I asked those students to go back and add to their diagramming as well as add written explanation so that they could fully demonstrate that they understood the process of dissolution.  Two of those students responded that they didn't understand, which allowed me the opportunity to work with those two students, re-explaining and referring to their diagrams until they did understand and were able to verbally explain the process to me.

Other students that did understand and had finished on the early side were encouraged to grab markers or colored pencils to make their diagram clear and very understandable.  I explained that a higher grade (in our case a "4") comes with demonstrated extra effort.

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Dissolution of Ionic Compounds in Water

Unit 2: Electron Configuration & Bonding
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT to diagram and describe what occurs at the molecular level during the dissolution of an ionic compound in water (a polar substance).

Big Idea: Water is polar, with regions of slight positive and negative charge; this polarity attracts and pulls apart cations and anions of an ionic compound.

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