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The measuring and creation of the salt dough bags could happen as a measurement unit. Students could work on fractions and learning how to measure dry ingredients. They could then measure out two cups of flour and 1/2c of salt. I would do this by using different measuring cups rather than whole cups. 

I chose to pre-make the bags because the larger unit on fractions would have been difficult at this point in the year. Salt dough is a great tool for making representations and if we use it later in the year, I will do the measurement lesson before hand. 

  Salt Dough Suggestions
  Lesson Planning: Salt Dough Suggestions
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Regions of Arizona

Unit 4: Water and Weathering
Lesson 15 of 17

Objective: SWBAT create a topographical map of Arizona focusing on mountains, plateaus, deserts, canyons, and rivers.

Big Idea: To understand the effects weathering, plate tectonics, and erosion students will recreate a 3D map out of salt dough to see how drastic these events have shaped our state.

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Science, regions, erosion, Motion, watershed, water table, ocean, weathering, Grand Canyon, salt dough, molecule, rivers
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