Reflection: Explaining Multiplication - Section 4: Share


I realized during the share time that the students need more time to practice presenting their thinking.  Many of them spoke about the drawing, rather than the thinking.  It might be a good idea to model sharing a poster before the groups share.  

On my next attempt at this, I will also add in having the students write a word problem that would describe a situation where their equation would apply. I will also supply sentence frames, to help them organize their thoughts, such as:

My drawing shows that I have _______groups of _______ (name of object). Each group is fair because it has ________ (name of objects) in it. I’m giving fair shares - groups - of (name of object) to ________ people. Altogether, we have __________. I know this because _______________.

With the Common Core in mind, this type of interpretation is critical. 

I am realizing once again, that it is important to go slow to go fast!

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Explaining Multiplication

Unit 2: Understanding Multiplication
Lesson 9 of 15

Objective: Students will be able to determine the total number of objects when there are a specific number of groups with the same number of objects in each group or of an equal amount if objects were added.

Big Idea: Children will produce posters to explain, or take apart, a multiplication equation to show its meaning.

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Math, array, Critical Area
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