Reflection: Adjustments to Practice What's on your mind? (ITERATE) - Section 2: What's your mindset story?


After completing this lesson in class, I came across this series of mindset infographics from that I will use in the future

I like using the fixed and growth mindset examples because they serve both a content mastery and social-emotional learning purpose.  However, from the discussion in class, it was clear that many students attempted to game the discussion by supplying answers that they thought were what I wanted to hear rather than what they thought.  (Many students, for example, said they agreed with the growth mindset, even though they had written something totally different, or because they thought that as a teacher I must believe in the growth mindset so they should too.) 

  Other mindsets that might work
  Adjustments to Practice: Other mindsets that might work
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What's on your mind? (ITERATE)

Unit 1: "Unit 0": Engineering design thinking
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to: 1) Define design mindsets; 2) apply understanding of design mindsets to the iteration process; and 3) publicly present applied understanding of design mindsets.

Big Idea: Designers use feedback from the testing stage to improve prototype solutions, but iteration requires openness to design mindsets. How might we use process reflection as an opportunity to build awareness of design mindsets?

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