Reflection: Student Ownership Welcome to the baby shark tank (TEST) - Section 3: Testing and feedback


I was not expecting such an excited, positive reaction to Shark Tank clip.  Nearly every student had seen this show before; more importantly, nearly every student loves this show.  All of a sudden students were making connections between their lives and the engineering design process in a totally different way.  "Oh so that's design thinking?"  "Oh Mr. Babauta you mean the product is just a prototype?" "Oh so some people must need all natural ingredients."  This was an almost ideal outcome.  Because students had a prior emotional connection to this program, our goal of engaging in a feedback process--the baby shark tank--was easier to achieve.  Students wanted to participate because all of a sudden they "got it."

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Welcome to the baby shark tank (TEST)

Unit 1: "Unit 0": Engineering design thinking
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Objective: Students will be able to: 1) develop an authentic test of a rapid prototype; 2) articulate the role of testing prototypes in the engineering design process; 3) give and receive feedback by engaging in a peer-review feedback protocol; and 4) instantly "publish" takeaways from the prototype testing process.

Big Idea: Designers test prototypes so that they can improve them. How might students engage in structured feedback protocols to understand and address the inevitable shortcomings of prototypes that they create?

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Science, rapid prototyping, engineering design thinking, feedback grid
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