Reflection: Flexibility Why Use a Seed Sprouter? - Section 2: Planning the Investigation


A curious idea came out when we were making our predictions.  A student put forward that the seeds we touch will not grow as the ones we don't.  This was supported by a few students, making an argument analogous to the baby birds in the nest.  When I asked why the ones in sprouter had done so well, they said it only affects the seeds in soil.

This seemed ludicrous to me, but I figured the best way to test it was another experiment.  So in addition to all the trials at each table, I also planted two seeds into each of two cups of soil, which I watered the same amount each day, but made sure to poke the beans in one cup, and not the other.  After a few days, no one held onto that misconception.  This again reinforces the power of scientific evidence!

  An Experiment on the Side
  Flexibility: An Experiment on the Side
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Why Use a Seed Sprouter?

Unit 3: Plant Structures
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Objective: SWBAT design an experiment to evaluate the effectiveness of a seed sprouter.

Big Idea: How can you design an experiment to determine why people use seed sprouters?

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