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I have been changing the way I handle Exit Slips in my classroom.  Students have difficulty returning homework to me, so I have been setting up my lessons for the Exit Slips to be collected before students leave.  I must provide adequate time for students to complete the Exit Slip in order for this to be successful.  If students still do not complete the Exit Slip, I still collect them at the end of the class to assess.

Previously, I instructed students to complete the Exit Slip before leaving class, but I assigned it as homework if they did not complete it.  Several students would not return the Exit Slips.  Since I use the Exit Slip to assess learning of the objective, I was unable to do that without the Evidence of Learning provided on the Exit Slip.

  Using the Exit Slip as a Formative Assessment
  Routines and Procedures: Using the Exit Slip as a Formative Assessment
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Evaluating Graphs and Equations Using Function Notation

Unit 1: Introduction to Functions
Lesson 7 of 13

Objective: SWBAT evaluate f(x) and x using given information and the equation or graph of the function.

Big Idea: To be able to read and comprehend function notation to know the difference between when to find x and when to find y.

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Algebra, Math, function notation, f(x), evaluating equations, evaluating graphs, interpreting graphs, independent and dependent variable, writing the equation of a function, graphing using a t, function
  45 minutes
function notation and graphs
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