Reflection: Diverse Entry Points Physics According to You - Section 4: Student Perspectives on the Evolution of Physics


One of the key ideas from this unit is that effective communication is based on sound logic and a willingness to be intellectually flexible.  I focus on collaboration and include a peer editing process within this unit to encourage students to move away from the idea that there is a single correct answer to the physical problems of our world. Instead, I want students to learn to ask themselves questions like, "Can I prove it?" or "What if?" to extend their current understanding beyond standard questions. 

I want students to consider multiple viewpoints on topics within physics and to use the information they gather from their peers to broaden their understanding of a topic. One way I address this goal is by introducing a rubric that students use to edit their peers' work. Within this section of the lesson, students discuss their presentations with their station partners. 

Students use the representation and communication rows of this rubric to assess their peers' work. Students are familiar with this consortium rubric which is used school-wide. A few students have a graphic organizer to help them communicate their ideas on physics concepts that was in the extras bin at the front of the room. I created the graphic organizer so that students would have multiple ways to interact with the information they identified as useful during their internet searches on the Chromebooks. 

  Making Thinking Visible
  Diverse Entry Points: Making Thinking Visible
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Physics According to You

Unit 1: Building Your Base
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Objective: Students will demonstrate an understanding of the changing nature of science.

Big Idea: Over the course of history, knowledge gets refined as scientists gain access to more information.

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