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After implementing this lesson, I found that my students really were reading the article simply for surface level content.  Many of them have been taught to read the questions first then to skim the article for the answers, which might work for certain timed testing situations, but does a disservice to the students.  I want my students to actually read for the overall content of the article, particularly in this case.  I want them to see connections between what chemical reactions do (change the molecular structures of the compounds) and how those changes can influence the physical characteristics of the products (such as the slime they made).

I was able to prompt students to go deeper with their answers, but only during class discussion when it became apparent that their answers were taken word for word from the text of the article.  I needed to ask follow up questions to prompt actual thinking on my students' part instead of locating key words in the article and copying related sentences down.

In the future, perhaps I will make this a 2 day lab so that we can actually chunk the article and discuss the finer details of cross-linking and shear forces.  The article is nicely laid out in a way that lends itself to a jigsaw activity and deeper questions that can really tie in the Structure and Function Crosscutting Concept.

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  Relevance: Scientific Article BEFORE Activity
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It's Halloween--Let's Make Slime

Unit 3: Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry
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Objective: SWBAT make slime and describe its physical characteristics while making connections to what happens on a molecular level to change glue into slime.

Big Idea: Chemical reactions create new products by changing bonds; we can compare physical characteristics before and after a reaction.

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