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I use the Says-Means-Matters strategy in this lesson to allow students to focus on observations before attempting to derive meaning from them. In the NGSS science and engineering practices, we expect students to analyze and interpret data (SP4), construct explanations (SP6) and engage in argument from evidence (SP7). These practices need to be based on solid data, which the Says-Means-Matters" strategy allows them to collect.

What is particularly exciting is that by using the strategy, students are able to connect their observations and analysis to other ideas. For example, student 1 connected the experiment to whether to drink something high in sugar or salt.

Student 2 connected with how knowing this would affect a plant.

And student 3 made the leap to organisms surviving in an environment.  In all these cases, the ideas collected in the says-means-matter sheets provide students the information needed to draft an argument piece (SP7) based on solid evidence. 

  Rigor: Says-Means-Matters
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In and Out of Cells - Design Your Own

Unit 4: Cell Processess
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Objective: Students will be able to explain how solutes and other materials move across membranes.

Big Idea: What comes in must go out.

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Science, diffusion, Osmosis
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