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My little ELL kiddos love to share, but they struggle to know how to start their statements. Sentence stems provide that extra bit of safety net that they need to get going! If you have ELL students, even one, please provide and "getting talking" statement for them. Little ones often know what they want to say, they just need a prompt to get going. This strategy is good for all young children, not just ELL kids. It's just good teaching!

  Why a sentence stem?
  ELL Students: Why a sentence stem?
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Sort it Out, Living or Not

Unit 2: Walking alive...or not???
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Objective: SWBAT use the criteria developed by the class to decide if something is living or not by sorting pictures of living and non-living objects.

Big Idea: Young children can narrow down ideas with support and draw conclusions from what they observe, but they struggle to extend that knowledge to an application level. This lesson requires them to utilize the list of "living"criteria for each object pictured.

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