Reflection: Positive Reinforcement What Do Ornithologists Do? Part II - Section 2: Engage



It is imperative that you only say what you want the children to do.  I know this, I know this, I know this.  However as humans we may reinforce what we do not want to see happen.  Children have a tendency to do what you tell them not to do.  


Be very careful to state your instructions from a positive point of view.  For example, "I want to see everyone taking care of the binoculars by keeping the strap around your neck at all times and holding them with two hands."  Children remember the last thing you said so repeat the most important thing at the end in a very positive way.

  Say Only What You Want to See
  Positive Reinforcement: Say Only What You Want to See
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What Do Ornithologists Do? Part II

Unit 2: Types of Scientists, You May or May Not Know
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Objective: Students will explore like ornithologists by using binoculars to observe birds and bird nests in their natural habitats.

Big Idea: Ornithologists contribute to society by helping humans understand how birds live among us.

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