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Within this lesson student ownership over the path of learning comes into play as students choose the way they are assessed within the lesson by choosing the work product that will be assessed for proficiency. I create the choices using student baseline results. The work products that students choose from are mini posters, blog entries and challenge problems.

The lesson is wrapped up by having students create a problem that demonstrates that a student can travel a large distance and have a zero displacement on their daily commute to and from school. I choose this type of exit slip because I want students to make connections between events in their daily lives and the enduring understandings of this lesson. I think the activity went well because students dig right in and work on the task regardless of their aptitude and create different work products that met or exceeded my expectations.

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Distance vs Displacement

Unit 1: Building Your Base
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: Students will use their understanding of concepts related to distance and displacement to model motion in terms of changes in position.

Big Idea: An object can travel a large distance and have zero displacement.

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Science, Physical Science, distance (Map Skills), distance (Motion), physics, displacement, distance, Archimedes' Principle
  80 minutes
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