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Your more competitive students will want points to be kept, but sometimes don't realize until the middle of the game that the back and forth format allows for the teams to end with equal points. They might also want something for it and that is up to you. I do not always like to reward with prizes because then becomes expected. 

I have read many interesting articles on competition in the classroom and I have always had success with it. I do think that it takes some due diligence on the teacher's part or it can go horribly wrong. I make sure that my competitive students are kept busy with a task if they have trouble with working together or shouting out answers. I try to give them a harder problem or explain that in order to get the most points someone else has to be the groups speaker. For my shy students or students with special needs I make sure to create questions or give opportunities where the only thing they can do is succeed. I want to build their confidence not shut then down.

  Competition in the Classroom:
  Intrinsic Motivation: Competition in the Classroom:
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Amazing Acronyms

Unit 11: Grammar Lessons
Lesson 3 of 6

Objective: SWBAT determine the use of common acronyms and use them to create meaningful sentences.

Big Idea: Acronyms can be tricky and with the need to understand word origins this lesson is a fun introduction to the common acronyms we use and their origins.

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