Reflection: Problem-based Approaches Seed Dispersal - Section 1: Introduction


Having them watch a video, and then introducing the design challenge was a mistake.  What I should have done is present them with their design challenge first, then showed them the video.  That would make the video important background information they would need in order to complete their challenge successfully.  This would have made the video relevant to the task at hand.  

Instead, I made the common mistake of thinking I need to teach them everything first, and then give them a project at the end.

I find Main Course, Not Dessert to be a very instructive article on the topic.

  Setting a Purpose
  Problem-based Approaches: Setting a Purpose
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Seed Dispersal

Unit 3: Plant Structures
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: SWBAT identify structures that improve seed dispersal and use the engineering design process to modify a seed to improve dispersal.

Big Idea: How can you improve the design of a seed to improve seed dispersal?

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