Reflection: Adjustments to Practice The Chemistry of Ocean Acidification: Exploring the Basics of pH - Section 3: The Classroom Flow: Testing for pH


I was amazed to see the shift in learning this year when I put the pH lab into the context of climate change and its impact on ocean life.  Specifically, the biggest change for me was to do the lab as an inquiry before delving too deeply into the content knowledge of formulas and equations.  Hooking what we did in the lab to our previous work also helped to reinforce connections and served as a reminder of what students already knew.  I know it may seem counterintuitive to do something before knowing it, especially since many of us learned and now follow the traditional teaching cycle of teach, do, review.  However, I can honestly say that this year I am finding more and more that it is the better flow in my classroom flip that model around as strange as it feels at times.  I'm interested to hear about your thoughts and experiences with using lab activities more as introductory explorations rather than content review in your classroom!

  Comparing pH Lab experiences
  Adjustments to Practice: Comparing pH Lab experiences
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The Chemistry of Ocean Acidification: Exploring the Basics of pH

Unit 3: Unit 3: Basic Chemistry in Biology
Lesson 7 of 12

Objective: Students will be able to discuss the concepts of acids, bases, and neutralization reactions using their own data.

Big Idea: Have students explore the pH of common substances and relate their work to our discussion about climate change.

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Science, Acids and Bases, Chemistry, Climate Change, acid rain, Ecology, ocean, Carbon, Life Science/Biology, water, fossils, carbon cycle, pH
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