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For the first two Mondays, my students took pictures using the iPad and then used the Notes app to collect their notes and document their work. It dawned on me that they really needed to put the two together. This happened when we were getting rid of harmful weeds and learning about good grasses and wildflowers. Students were taking pictures of each plant and then writing the name in their notes. 

My AH HA moment came watching this. This is when I decided that a new app was needed that could combine the two. Educreations was just the app. It is an interactive whiteboard and so much more. It is a free app and very useful. Students can add a picture, use their finger to write, type in a text box, and record their thoughts all on one slide. This has been a much better way to use the iPads and it is much more meaningful. 

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Garden Documentation with iPads

Unit 14: iPad Lessons
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT create colorful and meaningful slides that document our outdoor gardening process.

Big Idea: A fun lesson on incorporating the iPads to document a class project, and the many steps we took to get to our final masterpiece.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, planning, Ipads, Documentation, EduCreations
  23 minutes
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