Reflection: Real World Applications What Do Marine Biologists Do? - Section 5: Elaborate



This investigation was so much fun!  The students in my class enjoyed observing live crabs, oysters, and clams.  The experience was simply amazing.  I believe this lesson took my students beyond having a science lesson into being actual scientists.


Other students in the building were also eager to experience the blue crab.  Every teacher in my building's after school tutoring program came into our classroom to look at the sea creatures.  There was simply a buzz about what was taking place in Room 128's science laboratory.




  Fun, Fun, Fun
  Real World Applications: Fun, Fun, Fun
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What Do Marine Biologists Do?

Unit 2: Types of Scientists, You May or May Not Know
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Objective: Students will explore like marine biologists by observing sea animals, recording their data, and sharing with others.

Big Idea: Marine biologists make a contribute to our world by using their expertise to help humans understanding living things in the ocean.

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