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I was very disappointed in these conclusions because students failed to use actual data in their conclusions. The rest of the lab report looks awesome but only about 40% of students are actually quoting the data to support a conclusion. Most of the students write, "You can see this in my data table."  

The day after the lab, I put the student conclusions on the document camera and went through several of them. Before I had finished, students were begging to rewrite theirs. I had them get out paper and do their rewrite immediately. On the second time,  all students scored proficient or above. I honestly think kids just wait to see if you are going to hold them accountable before they do their best work sometimes. I hope that in our lab next week they take me at my word the first time!

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Photosynthesis: Problem Solving Lab

Unit 7: Energy in Life: Photosynthesis
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: Students will be able to experiment to see how changing the amount of light changes the amount of oxygen produced.

Big Idea: More reactants=more products!

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