Reflection: Flexibility Conservation of Energy . . . To the Rescue! - Section 5: One-Question Quiz


Despite my best intentions, we ran out of time on the day of the lesson and, as a result, there was not enough time to do the one-question quiz. I think this is not uncommon and represents a judgment call on the teacher's part: to rush ahead or not.

My preference is to rarely rush. If students are working earnestly and it seems as though there's progress towards learning, a rush to the next section to simply stay "on schedule" sends a signal to students that the plan is more important than they are. Furthermore, as this particular quiz is truly meant to be formative - to provide me with sense of student understanding - why rush to it just to confirm my read that students were not yet ready to demonstrate understanding?


  Running into Reality
  Flexibility: Running into Reality
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Conservation of Energy . . . To the Rescue!

Unit 1: Thermodynamics
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: Students will use the conservation of energy to inform their concepts about calorimetry and to solve calorimetry problems.

Big Idea: The fact that energy is conserved can be leveraged to make powerful predictions.

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